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01 25 13 - 932-939 [!gifs, #live, musicals]
Arashi - Yama
Long time no see. Bits of 1/25 here left, so
credits to ohno-style and omoshro

There's a ton of Yama stuff since last time I posted, but for now, belated Arafes :)

+2Collapse )

+2Collapse )

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11 26 12 - 929-931 [!gifs, #live]
Arashi - Yama
Still 11/26 here, so HAPPY 32th BIRTHDAY TO RIIDA!!
A little Riida love here then xD Yama SK (Yama SS?)!
credits to ohno-style

Did Sho succeed?Collapse )
Onion - Sigh.
I've been wanting to post this (lots of you might know it already) for a while, and today is more appropriate than ever XD Today is...

いい夫婦の日 (11/22)!
ii fuufu no hi, "Good married-couples day" in Japan

I would like to invite you to sakura_daikon. Along with mount_deer, we've dedicated this place to translating and archiving any Yama pair (Ohno & Sho) 'episodes' from magazines, radio, and more; so that fans and non-fans alike can grasp their relationship throughout their careers.

For those who don't have a Dreamwidth account, we've created a Feed LJ account:sakura_daikon ← all you have to do is subscribe to get the updates on your LJ Friends page! You can also use your LJ via the OpenID log-in to leave comment or be a member. 

credits to mimurra
Onion - Sigh.

Gosh soooo much happened in past days. YAY Popcorn tour starting, YAY AraFes DVD!
credits to omoshro, sukinatabemono

Came out of Sho's room  together.

+6 what does Ohno have to say? oh these two.Collapse )

Hopefully they will include the Yama impromptu dance on stage ↓ ♥

11 10 12 - 916-919 [!images]
Onion - Sigh.
I think over a week's time is enough to hold back spoilers xD Popcorn CD!
Even the special booklet ships some Yama-ness.

Corn Ohno and Sho, respectively.

+3 more Yama POPCORN~Collapse )
Onion - Sigh.
Yama just keep coming xD From last week's HnA (sorry it's been HnA endlessly!)
Gif credits to sukinatabemono

They earned a new nickname by Fujiwara:
Double Tofu pair xD!
Soft tofu and hard tofu (respectively)

And more Yama pair to come on HnA: 11/15 with MomoClo Z :D
Onion - Sigh.
:) Some leftovers from HnA because I'm a terrible for leaving out the staff's Yama fanvid!
Credits to omoshro, weibo

♥ ♪ You're everything~ You're everything~
i don’t want your kind lies,
i want you more than you think.
♪ ♥

And preview of next week's HnA...

While Yamada Yu and Sho are cooking...
Sho: "Ohno-sa~~~n!"
Ohno: *still stitching*

+1 more previewCollapse )
Arashi - Yama
Long time no see again. Yay 900!
LAST NIGHT'S HnA!!! It's a treat for all Yama fans 8D Pervy Ohno.
credits to ohno-style, jharashi, veeeeecky, notonlystorm (translation)

Notice whose room Ohno's leading Sho into? xD

+7 'Are we going to sleep together?' SPOILERS ALERTCollapse )

Next week Yama HnA with Yamada Yu :DD
Arashi - Yama
Who secretly wished that Yama also did a fencing dual in Shiyagare xD? Fret not again!
Credits to weibo, veeeeecky

+5 Who won!?Collapse )

Q: How come you two are so good at suddenly doing ballet/dances together? - 12yo (recent TV Life)

O: I think it’s just from experience, right?
S: Yes. Before, because we did the musical WEST SIDE STORY together.
O: Even the actual play lasted for 4 months, and we were also together in the resting room.
S: Yeah, that’s why whenever I’m asked this question, I don’t know what to say other than, “because the music is on”!
O: Just our body reflexes!
Onion - Sigh.
Sorry for the lack of posts again.
Are we all still high from AraFes? Hoped for Yama papa pics? FRET NOT.

On 9/21 second encore, they did their little IMPROMTU MUSICAL!! 8D Just this alone, I am hoping DVD release (if there will be) is this night.
Pretending this is multiple pics count...

+3 not exactly yama moments, but...xDCollapse )

credits to weibo, stormlightx
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