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Arashi - Yama
It's still Yama Pair Day here barely made it, but it is also いいお兄さん "Good Big Brother day" in Japan. Giving you some domestic ojiisan oniisan team cuteness :D

Yama and kids again!

Although this post is mostly about silly Yama.

What happens when you put Yama in the same kitchen?

+5 of Yama in the kitchen, kinda gif heavyCollapse )
Onion - Sigh.
A leftover from tough!love week:

Yama musical. ♥

Yesterday's Shiya. xDCollapse )

And HEY. M5 Special voting is up! I wonder will Yama, well, you know...make it hilarious for us xD
Onion - Sigh.
Sorry for delay again! Bring you the rest for TOUGH!love week ♥ All the ones so far are Ohno being the sharp-tongued one to Sho, but on rare occasions Sho scolds too!

Count on Mama to scold Papa when he blames J unreasonably ♥

And you know things are all better when he makes this face.Collapse )

Ohno: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (where's my lunch dinner!?)
Sho: It was a good scene just now, please be quiet.

I'm not sure who's scolding who at this point... xD

sorry I used up all my Yamashock for this week! So I leave you with a poor Ohno T.T

And you can see how happy Sho was to be surprised by Ohno on day 125 X3

(subs by taijiproject)

Ohno: arafes chibi form

ohno's back up shuffle cracks me the hell up! heart1
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