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Arashi - Yama
Can't believe it's a week since 24hr tv :D Boys, otsukare!
Yama were together pretty much the whole time (default order?).

So loving ♥ Sasuga fuufu~

+1 from OristaCollapse )

Preview for tonight's Shiya, supposedly xD omg these two~

credit to weibo, prcm
Onion - Sigh.
:D 24hr TV is gonna start tonight~
Here's a lovely Yama from their many 24hr tv promos~ They really deserve a vacation together ♥

The bond of these two are…

Almost the same age, this pair has been together for a long time. Supporting Arashi in various situations, these two have directly shown great, mutual respect and deep trust for each other in magazine interviews. The evidence is the many eye contacts between the two, and can be seen in concert and TV. It is great possibility this is the bond formed from the many years they’ve been together.

What’s the future of you two like!?

West Side Story? Southern islands?? :'3Collapse )

And just a little VSA~

credit from weibo
Arashi - Yama
As ohsyojdub requested, a HnA fix~ I don't think I properly had a post on this episode yet.
Gif credits to jharashi, omoshro

Sho was unusually playful...or bratty to Ohno xD

Despite all the Aiba-cha attacks, Ohno "blames" on Aiba and not Sho xDD

And the Ohmiya episode...

Ohno coming out of Sho's room looking super happy!?
Nice bath together? or maybe it's that "something good"!?
Arashi - Yama
VSA update xD A lot from the past month, so I'm gonna go a little backwards.
Gif credits to jharashi, sukinatabemono

Mutual stare and understanding ♥

+4 xD Yama VSA 'quarrel' again?Collapse )

A Yama part from the same episode as above that was cut ;_;

Fuufu Team’s turn: [this was aired]
Wife (to husband): If you do your best, I will give you something great tonight. *cheer*

Arashi’s turn:
Ohno (to Sho): What do I get tonight if I do my best?
Sho (to Ohno): I will give you something great. *smile*
Reports said that after Kicking Sniper Ohno even said, "Well, I think I did my best, so I look forward for tonight~" (Guess they gotta keep it PG ;_;)

+2 Sho jealousy?Collapse )
Onion - Sigh.
:) Sorry for the delay, and I am behind...AGAIN!
Last week's Shiya~ Gif credits to hakiso, omoshro

Replay of the wine glass? Some sort of inside joke? xD

Always count on Satoshi to the rescue when Sho fails on the kaiten xD~ Deja vu?
Onion - Sigh.
Hello, am back! So. Yama galore in the past two weeks. The most memorable of all is of course...YAMA MUSICAL. 4th place in Shiya's highest moment rating~ They say third time's a charm, but a FOURTH? xD You can DL just this segment here.
Gif credits to aki31041124

♪ Another day is gone / I'm still all alone

♪ How could this be? / You're not here with me
Love Sho's "eh? Satoshi-kun is not getting up??" look xD

+5 You Are Not Alone is totally Yama song nowCollapse )

It's amazing 10th place was also Yama-related (this part) :D
07 21 12 - 851-856 [!images]
yama polaroid
Even traveling, asaphira_sachi is on top of the Yama news. She's like the ultimate Yama detective. Anyway, she pointed me to what I can only describe as the dorkiest, sweetest and most freakin' adorable date ever.

Here's a preview:

The rest of the cute is here.Collapse )
yama see you
I haven't posted in a loooooooooooong time 'cause I've been really busy, but asaphira_sachi's been doing such a wonderful job, right? Anyway, I just saw the previews for next week's Shiyagare and I couldn't stop laughing.

Arashi - Yama
Will be gone, so no update from me for next two weeks~
Early yukata summer Tanabata Yama Zero family spam!

Orista 7/6 called Yama and Mirei-chan the "Zero family" (yes, Orista included Ohno xD!)

+2 Zerooooooo~ (j/k)Collapse )

And from the Orista interview:

Q: What’s in your Sharehouse room?
Sho: There’s nothing but a bathtub *laughs*

Q: Are there any days where you come home together with Ohno-san?
Sho: We get along and take a bath together *laughs*

Fictional Sharehouse or real life, OMG XD ♥ *nosebleed*
Onion - Sigh.
Hope you don't mind another Yama long-post... VSA spam this time!
credits♥ to omoshro, kanamecchi, ohno-style, gustokongkape, ltgmars, arashickhuda

First...LAST WEEK'S because it is so Yama worthy (spoilers alert)!!
Lotsa Sho pacifying/going along with Ohno's outbursts....sorta xD

+7 Yama compromising and scolding the 'children' xDCollapse )

And misc. from past VSA during my hiatus~

They're 30yo.

+3 Satoshi-chan! Satoshi-chan!Collapse )
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