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11 26 12 [!gifs, #live]
Arashi - Yama
Still 11/26 here, so HAPPY 32th BIRTHDAY TO RIIDA!!
A little Riida love here then xD Yama SK (Yama SS?)!
credits to ohno-style

Oops xD

Second try, success!
11 27 12 (UTC)
I'm forever rewatching that clip xD SK plus Sho was a very interesting time period~
12 02 12 (UTC)
do you know where to find this clip?
11 27 12 (UTC)
Later Sho practiced with Aiba~ XD
I love how gentle Sho is~ the way he put his hands in Satoshi's waist~ this is too hentai for me *runs*
11 27 12 (UTC)
Don't worry Sho, you can try as many times as you want, I'm sure Ohno won't mind XD
11 27 12 (UTC)

btw can i know where to find this clip?
11 27 12 (UTC)
Eeeeh? When was this?
11 27 12 (UTC)
oh, shokun, we all know you're lifting fragile and precious package, okay? next time, lift him bridal style. it's safer and more romantic xDD (i wonder what the other half of sk will think, though :p)
11 27 12 (UTC)
the way Sho holds Oh-chan's waist ;w;
11 28 12 (UTC)
kawaiii! Yama <3
12 02 12 (UTC)
Yama SS needs to happen *____* <3 ! but its too adorable the way Sho lifts him :'D
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