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928; sakura-daikon 
11 21 12 [!gifs, *pimp]
Onion - Sigh.
I've been wanting to post this (lots of you might know it already) for a while, and today is more appropriate than ever XD Today is...

いい夫婦の日 (11/22)!
ii fuufu no hi, "Good married-couples day" in Japan

I would like to invite you to sakura_daikon. Along with mount_deer, we've dedicated this place to translating and archiving any Yama pair (Ohno & Sho) 'episodes' from magazines, radio, and more; so that fans and non-fans alike can grasp their relationship throughout their careers.

For those who don't have a Dreamwidth account, we've created a Feed LJ account:sakura_daikon ← all you have to do is subscribe to get the updates on your LJ Friends page! You can also use your LJ via the OpenID log-in to leave comment or be a member. 

credits to mimurra
11 22 12 (UTC)
Thank you for creating sakura_daikon. We need a yama archive to capture all the sweet moments where we can go back to re-read over and over XD

Happy fuufu day to our beloved Yama, Sakura-Daikon and....the newly debuted Double-Tofu ♥♥♥

credit to N-Yao
11 22 12 (UTC)
That is the CUTEST rendition of the nickname EVER ♥ Happy Yama day indeed! Thank you so much for sharing and for your support!
11 25 12 (UTC)
wheee!! Added to my feed! Thank youuuuu
11 29 12 (UTC)
You're welcome! Hope you enjoy :D
11 28 12 (UTC)
You guys are awesome for making this happen :D I would comment on all the posts there except I don't have a Dreamwidth account. Love love love it! <3 <3 <3
11 29 12 (UTC)
Thank you!! We chose Dreamwidth since it seemed more "peaceful", and LJ has been kinda spammy lately xD; you can "log-in" with OpenID using your LJ url if you would like to comment~
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