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Onion - Sigh.

Gosh soooo much happened in past days. YAY Popcorn tour starting, YAY AraFes DVD!
credits to omoshro, sukinatabemono

Came out of Sho's room  together.

WHAT was so amazing, Ohno? XDDD

Now for Last Mission spoilers..






During Sho's "Real Kiss" XD

And Ohno's comment..

Ohno: It's a punishment for those watching too.

Full of eye-contacts ♥

Hopefully they will include the Yama impromptu dance on stage ↓ ♥

11 17 12 (UTC)
ROFL I see Ohno is not letting up on Sho and their relationship LMAO
11 17 12 (UTC)
Share house can go ahead and remove the blue door.
Ohno is not using it anymore <3
Seldom see Sho loses his cool after being teased LOL
11 17 12 (UTC)
They should put a do not disturb sign in front of sho's room, when it's kaze trio's turn just bcoz XDD

Oh Yama.. so many epicness lately xDD
11 17 12 (UTC)
I'd die with the do not disturb XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
11 17 12 (UTC)
such an epic episode... i kept rewinding the intro part. Sho's irritation was what made it even more suspicious for me. Why so panicked, bb?

and Ohno going "sugokatta wa~" xD. Yeap, that explains everything.

Having teenage girls over, which is apparently not his forte ; Ohno was totally gotten too stumped that he left most of the talking to Sho xD. and I guess the airheadedness in the atmosphere also affected Sho in some ways. *pats my darlings*

From the reports I've read on magazines, seems like they've cut out considerable amount; it would have been interesting to see the 2 ojiisans dancing to the girls' choreography.

Last Mission was also nothing short of amusement, really. we get both of them to do punishments. The response Ohno given out after Sho's punishment and Sho's reaction to it is so much <3. I LOLed the whole time during the 'kiss' tho.

Ohno's punishment was amazing; Ohno was totally embarassed, I'm sure, but no one in the studio were going against any of the item on his list! and Sho was 'supplying ideas' too and giving support from the back; it's probably my biased mind thinking, but isn't this "Sho's list of what he loves about Ohno"????

Thanks for the post, the episode really deserved it. :D
11 17 12 (UTC)
Totally agreed with you *hugs*
I love it when Sho supplied ideas to Ohno, he sure knows everything about Ohno <3
If he was asked to list Ohno's best, the list would be very long XD
11 17 12 (UTC)
My Yama heart is bursting of happiness! <3
11 17 12 (UTC)
HNA staff sure do love yama dont they..
seriously i love to see how playful ohno is when he is with sho..and sho always play along with him too tho he pretended to resists it..hehehe

need to watch this as soon as possible
11 17 12 (UTC)
Can't wait to watch this tomorrow xDDD
11 17 12 (UTC)
haha no matter how much Sho complaint Ohno gonna keep their relationship open for public viewing :P

and yessssssss please for their own dance version for encore xD
but so hard to get Yama moment in dvd T_T
11 17 12 (UTC)
Satoshi is totally sleeping with Sho-chan *///*
Oh yeah i wish for Yama musical intervention in arafes dvd :)
11 18 12 (UTC)
oh, ohno, the thoughts you put in our heads. i like it. xDD
haha, sakurai tried for his punishment. :D
i love it when they're having fun.
11 18 12 (UTC)
HnA is like a default go-to if one wants to see some epic Yama moments. XD

The last two pics make me sort of impatient for my ARAFES shirt to arrive.
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