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Onion - Sigh.
Yama just keep coming xD From last week's HnA (sorry it's been HnA endlessly!)
Gif credits to sukinatabemono

They earned a new nickname by Fujiwara:
Double Tofu pair xD!
Soft tofu and hard tofu (respectively)

And more Yama pair to come on HnA: 11/15 with MomoClo Z :D
11 08 12 (UTC)
I haven't watched last week HnA :'(

but yeah, in the end otou-san will back to okaa-san only XDDDD

thank you for this~ <3

Edited at 2012-11-08 02:36 am (UTC)
11 08 12 (UTC)
Like I told you before, Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" kinda fits yamapair in this sense xD.

I ain't gonna cry no
And I won't beg you to stay
If you're determined to leave boy
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably
You'll be back again
'Cause you know in your heart babe
Our love will never end

I know that you'll be back boy
When your days and your nights get a little bit colder
I know that you'll be right back baby
Oh baby believe me it's only a matter of time

and can I love Fujiwara more and more? giving such an interesting name to lump these two together; complete with the exact type of tofu that fits their 'appearance' (and maybe personality *winks*) xD Tofu-fuufu RULES!

11 08 12 (UTC)
they are indeed married to each other! :)
11 08 12 (UTC)
Love Ohno's reassurance to Sho that he'd always go back to him in the end <3

Tofu-daikon, simple but tasty, it'll be a new dish on my menu XD
11 08 12 (UTC)
Is that jealousy I hear from Sho.
Don't worry Sho Papa still wants only you.
11 08 12 (UTC)
Though i'm not happy with Ohno's face in this part~
It was funny ep~ sp the last part.. the picture with the guest was quite adorable (focusing in them) and during must item they both were dressed as the oji-chan team we love :P
11 08 12 (UTC)
oh, i love them, so much <33333
11 08 12 (UTC)
hahaha.. i lol'd at this.. especially the first 2 gif... haven't watched it.. did they really said that???!!!! i was like... kyaaaa!!!
11 08 12 (UTC)
Yay, thank you for the gifs! My daily fix of Yama!

With Ohno, Sho is so content and peaceful, ne? Love those 2 together!
11 11 12 (UTC)
SHO'S AMUSED FACE WHEN THEY GOT THE NICKNAME!!!!! love how he loves it ahahahh!!!
& Ohchan always the sweettalking hubby ~ yes make it clear to your bb that you'll always go to him in the end of the day~

IM SO EXCITED FOR MOMOKURO!!!! yama parents in action or yama being childish like their aim from their nonno interview hahaha!! and more idol poses! yay!
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