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Onion - Sigh.
:) Some leftovers from HnA because I'm a terrible for leaving out the staff's Yama fanvid!
Credits to omoshro, weibo

♥ ♪ You're everything~ You're everything~
i don’t want your kind lies,
i want you more than you think.
♪ ♥

And preview of next week's HnA...

While Yamada Yu and Sho are cooking...
Sho: "Ohno-sa~~~n!"
Ohno: *still stitching*

This isn't a Yama pic, but this is Sho saying "Let's play shiritori~~" to a still-stitching Ohno xD I think Sho gave up on his lolll.
10 29 12 (UTC)
I'm sorry. I know I should be fangirling over Yama here but I cannot help but appreciate the gorgeousness that is Sho-san. He looks so good here!
11 01 12 (UTC)
sho wants satoshi's attention ahhahaha oh ohchan youre always getting too engrossed in random things <3
11 03 12 (UTC)
Ohchan is always off on his own planet<5 And my delusional shipper mind tells me Sho looks like he's trying to appeal to Ohno in those last two pics, lolololol /is shot
11 11 12 (UTC)
AHHHHHHH YOU ARE NOT ALONE♪♪ (see what i did there eheh) !!!
Sho is totally trying to be all LOOK AT ONLY ME BABY!!! ahhahah! XD

p.s. thats a fine piece of ass in your icon ahahh omgsh /shot
11 08 12 (UTC)
Ohno was too interest in that thing~ it looked to me like he lost interest in Sho~ when he was calling for attention *sigh*
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