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Arashi - Yama
Long time no see again. Yay 900!
LAST NIGHT'S HnA!!! It's a treat for all Yama fans 8D Pervy Ohno.
credits to ohno-style, jharashi, veeeeecky, notonlystorm (translation)

Notice whose room Ohno's leading Sho into? xD

Ohno: Come back (in our rooms)? Go sleep?
Sho: Are we going to sleep? …Mh…
Ohno: Are we going to sleep together?
Sho: ・・・・・Well…We are going to sleep at the same time, but we are NOT going to sleep together.
Ohno: So, I’m going first.
Sho: Don’t know why, but he’s so lively…
Ohno: *goes into Sho’s red room*
Sho: Scary, scary, scary!
Ohno: *points at Sho and invites him to go in*
Sho: It is NOT the relationship all of you are thinking of.
Ohno: Come, quickly.
Sho: No,that’s disgusting! *laughs and comes in anyway*

Ohno: Well, let’s come back(to our rooms)!
Sho: I don’t understand why his tension is going up. What am I supposed to do?
Ohno: Come, be fast, here!
Sho: You’re fast! Master is fast!
Ohno: *opens Sho’s red door* To an unknown world!
Sho: There was this pattern previously as well, the pattern of you coming back into my room!

Kaze listening to Yama talk.

Yama janken-ing xD

AND FINALLY. At the end of the episode...

AGAIN XD Poor Sho is gonna get it.

Next week Yama HnA with Yamada Yu :DD
10 26 12 (UTC)
I love this episode.. So much love for Yama!
10 26 12 (UTC)
All of a sudden *///*
Glad that Ohno came with this pleasant surprise~
Its so funny (and what not) the fact that he just opens the door of Sho's room and push him to join his pervertion~ it was also the continuation of the story when Sho is talking about Ohno and then the staff plays a misia song and the guys going to Sho's room with all the love XDD they wrote such an amazing story for us. Plus~ wow! at the end it looks like Sho is Ohno's geisha or something the way he runs to him *O*
I think the living situation deserves another post cause i just cant~
Im sure Satoshi did it again~ cant wait for next week sharehouse as well~

Edited at 2012-10-26 02:02 am (UTC)
10 26 12 (UTC)
i love your comment for referring sho as ohno's //coughs// geisha xD
the way he walked with kimono sure looked like it
10 26 12 (UTC)
Bwahaha xD I really miss this. It makes me want to watch them again~
10 26 12 (UTC)
It was kaze's way of protecting yama relationship
i really love this episode.. and sho really love to mention how he and ohno met at osaka tenjin matsuri by fate xDD
and i seriously adore the staffs for putting MISIA as the background XD
oh gosh i need more episode like this xD
10 26 12 (UTC)
I cant with this two ojichan,was dying by myself when I watch this..ohno is darn funny..they sure do make me love them even more
10 26 12 (UTC)
best episode evarrrr~! Yama's theme song "everything" by misia! it was really destiny! meeting despite the large crowd from the festival XD
10 26 12 (UTC)
The moment an Arashi show starts shipping your ship. Even provided us a mini music video with their now official theme song. Definitely my fave HNA ep. The Yama shipper part of me is very happy. =))
10 26 12 (UTC)
LoL at the whole video segment of Mummy Sho's 禁斷畫面
Did anyone noticed dat it consists of only Daddy Satoshi, while other members had so much other stories to tell? Good job, Editors!!! *chuckles*

Well, no matter what...
Daddy still goes back to Mommy's RED room. *grins*
10 26 12 (UTC)
this ep is so much LOVE<33333333
so many Yama moment xD
lol did the staff ship Yama or something, Sho's part is all about Yama only plus Misia BGM xD
well they are the real destiny and Yama will never get tired telling their destined meeting over and over again<3
and even wit AibaJ complaining they never get pair with Ohno but yet again they pair him with Sho :P

and what with Ohno and Sho's room :P
so obvious even he going to other member's room it still Sho's room which he want to go the most xD
there is moment when he going to enter Nino's room but his hand is holding on Sho's room as well lol :P
and of course after fail getting J he end up attacking poo Sho again<3

and next week<3333
always love having Yu-chan especially with Ohno and Yama talking about married life with her ^^
10 26 12 (UTC)
I don't think Sho has it in him to bar Satoshi from entering his room :P The younger three just let them be
10 26 12 (UTC)
Awwww, so sweet :) Glad that they pair Ohno with Sho in Sharehouse. When Nino is not there, then Ohno have chance to be pervy himself. Old men team, Yay!
10 26 12 (UTC)
Gosh, I can't get enough of this episode ♥♥♥
Now that Ohno "explained" why he came out of Sho's room twice when paired with Nino in Share House, we should not be surprised when he comes out of the red door again (may be next week?) LOL
Somehow I think Ohno loves to make Sho bashful, and this time in a more direct way. Way to go Ohno XD
And the mention of Tenjin matsuri with 'Everything' as background music.
I'm almost convinced that the staff are also yama shippers XD
10 26 12 (UTC)
*too engrossed with this moment that I cannot think of words to express my joy about it*
10 26 12 (UTC)
I loved this moment so much (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ hontou ni poor Sho-chan xD
10 26 12 (UTC)
haha . so cute

can't stop smiling

really ..
"why ohno is so lively?" (confused sho)

hahahaha .
06 08 15 (UTC)
please if anyone had the episode link give it to me?i really like YAMA pair....but still unable to find it
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