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Arashi - Yama
Who secretly wished that Yama also did a fencing dual in Shiyagare xD? Fret not again!
Credits to weibo, veeeeecky

Q: How come you two are so good at suddenly doing ballet/dances together? - 12yo (recent TV Life)

O: I think it’s just from experience, right?
S: Yes. Before, because we did the musical WEST SIDE STORY together.
O: Even the actual play lasted for 4 months, and we were also together in the resting room.
S: Yeah, that’s why whenever I’m asked this question, I don’t know what to say other than, “because the music is on”!
O: Just our body reflexes!
10 02 12 (UTC)
They should do more dance in AniShi..
10 03 12 (UTC)
kawaiiiiiiiii >///<
I want the scan please T_T
10 03 12 (UTC)
Amazing even a 12yo noticed they are good at their impromptu dances together XD
Just so natural together <3
10 03 12 (UTC)
yayyyyyyyyyyyy Yama fencing<3
so sad when they don't have their turn together in the ep but this one is awesome<3

i want MORE Yama mating dance please<3333333
10 03 12 (UTC)
Dying from the cute. How are these two in their 30's?
10 03 12 (UTC)
so maybe this post deserves a musical tag, they are just so effin cute *O*
10 03 12 (UTC)
Sho won?!
Thanks for these. :D
10 03 12 (UTC)
in love with this pairing again and again XD
the last pic, oh ohno why are u so small <3
fit perfectly against sho <3
10 04 12 (UTC)
These 2 are too cute X3
10 08 12 (UTC)
a these two is always making me filled with happiness. <3
experience and reflexes? really?? xD
10 21 12 (UTC)
their bodies speaks to each other so well naturally & Sho brought up WSS!! he'll never forget that time will he hahah <3
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